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Distillation Columns

Distillation Columns are core of process industry. We are indulged in design & manufacturing of DISTILLATION COLUMNS. Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel & copper is our expertise. We design COLUMNS as per ASME SEC VIII DIV I. These columns are used in Petroleum Refineries, Petrochemical & Chemical Plants, Refrigeration Industries, Marine/Defence applications etc.

Maximum size fabricated is Ø3mtr x 13 mtr lg weighing up to 15 MT. We offer Columns by BATCH, CONTIUNOUS, STRIPPING, AZEOTROPHIC, EXTRACTIVE DISTILLATION PROCESS. Trays types depends on type of process. We offer trays in BUBBLE CAPS, SEIVE, VALVE & BAFFLE.

Distillation columns are classified by type and designed as per properties of boiling points of components contributing to mixture. Vapor-liquid equilibrium data is used to separate this mixtures. Required tray number and properties are calculated by vapor-liquid equilibrium properties of mixtures and number of phase. In short, size of distillation columns, basic design and especially height of distillation columns are determined by data of vapor- liquid equilibrium.

Distillation columns are manufactured from high-grade of material which is sourced from renown sources. We work with customised design & specifications. Design software's are used as per product requirement by our expert technical staff.