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Vessel Fabrication

We design & fabricate PRESSURE VESSELS, REACTORS, JACKETED VESSELS, LIMPET COIL VESSELS & STORAGE TANKS. These tanks are widely used in OIL & GAS, DISTILLERY, PERTO CHEMICAL industries. These tanks are designed as per ASME SEC VIII DIV I.

Maximum diameter fabricated is 6 mtr & length 5 mtr. Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel vessels is our speciality. Precise rolling is done for maintaining circularity of vessel. Dishend & cone are fabricated as per codes to avoid crossing of joints. Geometry of tank is maintained perfectly , which makes vessel aesthetically attractive. We have proper equipments required for manufacturing of vessels, which makes us to give customer on time delivery.

Manhole openings are provided for large tanks. Nozzle orientation & elevation is maintained to avoid any problems at site. For large tanks ladder & platforms are also provided. Products are designed so as to provide best competitive cost solution.

Skilled workers follow good engineering practices as per ASME codes. Welding quality is maintained as welders are qualified. Argon Gas with 99.99% purity is used to ensure proper fusing of material. Vessels are hydro tested to ensure proper strength of weld joints. Radiography is done as per product requirement. For Stainless Steel we go for TIG welding, while for Carbon Steel we use SMAW. Dye Penetrant test is also done. We also go for Ultra sonic test for high thickness plates. Steel is purchased from renowned sources to ensure quality product.