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Bolt on Jackets


  • We Provide Wide Range Of Bolt On Jackets
  • Material Of Construction Is Mainly Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel
  • For Carbon Steel We Provide Temperature Resistant Aluminium Paint

Mainly Below Are Two Types Of Jacket

  • Bolt On Jackets
  • Clamp On Jackets

Bolt On Jackets :

  • We Have Designed Special Type Of Bolt On Jackets To Sustain High Pressures.
  • These Jackets Have Dimple On Surface To Increase Stiffening.
  • As Due To Stiffening Material Thickness Required Is Less Which Reduces Weight Of Jacket
  • Hence Handling Of Jackets Is Much Easier.
  • Minimum Size Offered Is 2" Valve.
  • These Are Customised As Per Customer Requirement

Clamp On Jackets

  • These Jackets Are Used Where There Is Limitation Of Space For Assembly.
  • Range Varies As Per Customers Requirement.


Material :

  • Jacket can be fabricated in stainless steel, carbon steel as well as aluminium.
  • Carbon steel are preferred for reducing cost. However heat resistant painting is required to avoid it from corrosion.
  • Aluminium Jackets rarely used for high heat transfer rates. They are last option as are much costlier compared to CS & SS.
  • Stainless Steel jackets are resistant to corrosion as well as have good heat transfer rates. They have much longer life as compared to CS.

Connection Ports :

  • Inlet & outlet connection are provided as per customer requirement. 3/4", 1/2" NPT(F) etc couplings.
  • Also flanged connections can be provided for high pressure ratings as per customers requirement.
  • Jackets can be designed to cover only valve or adjacent spool flanges.
  • For spool flanges of different size other than valve we have also developed special steam jackets as below.

Range :

  • Generally operating pressure is about 10-15 bar(g).
  • Temperature ranges from 200-2500c

Stiffening :

  • Dimple are provided on outer side of jackets for strengthening jacket.(image for reference)



  • Jackets work on principle of heat transfer by conduction

Function :

  • Inlet Ports are provided at top & at opposite ends for each half jacket as shown above.
  • This triggers the flow of steam in opposite direction for both halves.
  • Due to this, heating is uniform at both ends & through valve.
  • No localised heating as like cast jacket as each half acts as independent complete chamber.
  • Steam Flows through complete half maintaining uniform temperature